BE-Y-E, a Made in Italy design brand, was born in 2018 thanks to the passion of the designer Sonia Gonnelli for jacquard. Sonia is deeply connected with her birthplace, the city of Florence, where she founded her company Sonia Fortuna in 1985, spreading the culture of an artisanal workmanship all over the world.

“Be yourself by continuously transforming is the best challenge“


The name BE-Y-E means “BE Your Essence”, which is a hymn to uniqueness and originality. The main theme is a continuous journey around the world, full of landscapes, iconic cities, and romantic visions. The knitwear is conceived in all its creativity and it changes every season with new proportions, surfaces, colors and contemporary touch. Modern silhouettes and their elegant finishes create a cosmopolitan mood. All the ethnic inspirations blend in a perfect mix of yarns and color contrasts. White, lime, vanilla, hazelnut, camel, tobacco, scorched earth, slate, coal, are the absolute protagonists. Country style sweaters alternate with others more feminine and sophisticated.

“Our story is a tireless research of beauty through shapes, colors, fabrics and details that make every woman shine.” Sonia Gonnelli


Claudia Flessa
Hauptstraße 10 a
85656 Buch am Buchrain

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