Beneath the Surface

A journey beneath the surface, deep down into the soul of the DROMe woman and her contradictions. An underwater world made of memories, desires and ambitions where she unveils her secrets and vulnerabilities, a dissonance between her fragilities and strengths, contrasting layers of the same woman.
Creative Director Marianna Rosati took inspiration from a series of portraits by Sicilian photographer Aldo Palazzolo, pictures of women emerging from white backgrounds, captured without filter as fragile and yet powerful creatures.

The Spring Summer 2019 Collection portrays an urban mermaid caught between past and future, disclosing her inner reality through unusual matchings, asymmetric shapes and imperfections.

Three different patterns cross the collection like distinctive times: waves chasing each other on the surface like flowing thoughts, an optical pattern that resembles the depths of the sea, representing the deepness of her inner world, and eventually a wider space that embodies the future, where dreams and aspirations are fulfilled. A combination of colours and graphics mixed together as on a painter’s canvas. All the prints have been designed in collaboration with German artist Klaus Jurgen Schmidt.

Silhouettes are fluid and sinuous, enveloping the body with drapes and unexpected movements, where details play a key role: gatherings, wrinkles and stripes energise the garments, evoking the divergent sides of her personality.

Materials are soft and weightless, fabrics and leather are joined together in perfect balance. Super light nappa is combined with printed silk on sophisticated dresses, while maxi leather coats with coloured jersey show off a bolder attitude. Perforated nappa like fishnets, transparent fabrics, printed lycra and ruches are juxtaposed as a patchwork of layers and shapes that express her subtle sensuality, carefully hidden underneath her delicate appearance. Metallic nappa glistens in the light resembling sea reflections and the gleam of underwater creatures. Watercolours embellish the garments as if we saw them through the sea surface.

Strong accessories mark out the looks: square toed sandals are paired with mini bags wrapped around the body like bumbags and shell-shaped maxi clutch bags in patent printed leather, while belts are made of woven maxi multicoloured patent leather rings. The signature piece is a mesh leather bag made to collect shells by the seashore, as if they were dreams and ambitions.

Nappa, Suede, Nappa Paper, Nappa Nylon, Nappa Paintbrush, Bonded Sport Nappa, Nappa Net Patent, Paper Mussola, Georgette Paintbrush, Paper Popeline, Twill Oceania, Devorè Gushing, Gushing Patent Nappa, Superlight Viscosa Linen, Paper Denim.
White, Cameo, Seaweed, Lime, Ceramic, Watergreen, Raspberry, Fluo Pink, Shell, Plum.

DROMe Spring Summer 2019 Show Video