New entry: LALO

February 2018 – Another Fashion Week in Milan. Cold temperatures and icy wind – you’d rather be inside! After a fashion show quickly into the heated halls of  “White” and then off to  “Super” – Saturday is always our “Info”-day.  “White” all as usual, but “Super” has nice little brands,  something different – cool bag ideas, special shoes and a nice bar.

After our well-deserved snack we stroll down the last corridor back towards the exit…..  „Aperitivo time“ is coming soon  … from a distance we see a totally colourful stand and are literally attracted. A booth with Georgian collections? And in one corner beautiful hand-knitted coats,  sequined  cardigans with feathers and and and…. a world full of ideas and creativity…. we don’t even know what to try on first… Aperitivo is already forgotten… we can hardly tear ourselves away: we MUST have this collection – and possibly take the coats with us right away – being so cold outside!

One hour later everything is arranged and we feel blessed: finally  a label that deserves the word FASHION! Super special and certainly not for everyone – but who wants something that everyone else has? It doesn’t matter if it takes some organising… Georgia hmmm – get an Eori Nr, tax and duties, transport costs, payment in advance…. But if it’s great – who cares – let’s give it a try! AND I guess it’s also fate in a way…there‘s a little bit of  Georgia in my life right now and the collection has the name  as I called  myself when I was small and couldn’t pronounce Claudia: LALO

Let’s start this new adventure!

See more pictures of LALO.