Knitted air – hugged by a cashmere cloud

Premium, Berlin: July – it feels like it´s 40 degrees in the hall … we are at our 360Cashmere booth ….it´s way too hot…. In the corridor I see a former customer of mine with a very interesting object in her hand. I stop her, we greet each other and I ask her what that knit item she is holding is. “Oh, I’m just doing a rehearsal with a few hand knit sweaters… You know I’ve always liked to knit and I thought you could knit sweaters and jackets by hand from a new, innovative cashmere yarn… coarse but airy, light and cuddly”.

We did not let her leave the stand until she has shown us everything and we absolutely want to sell these splendid pieces!!! There is no name, no logo, only a few items in beautiful colors. In no time a small sample collection is being produced for Düsseldorf and it´s set for delivery in November. The reaction is unbelievable… everyone loves it, despite the high price… you want to keep it on right away – despite the heat… The baptism of fire was a success! Now we are looking forward to the winter collection and are really getting started.

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