Flessa fashion agency

The maxim “fine lifestyle-fashion is the finest investment” represents the openness and commitment of the agency in dealing with customers, designers, producers and fashion. With liberties for the “other” view and constantly searching for the best possibilities to experience fashion in a new way. The priority of the fashion agency is a competent, excellent and all-time service.

Claudia Flessa

Her loyal clients can be collectively known as a fan club, always looking for Claudia’s next unrivalled collection. Claudia has bundles of optimism and this is just a small part of what draws people to her.

Our Chief certainly lives and loves life in all its opulence and also in its simplicity. She has a heartfelt empathy with nature and this is demonstrated in her feel for innovative  natural beauty in luxuriously created lines.

You could meet Claudia whilst baking bread in the country, admiring the latest trends at the Paris Fashion week or possibly after a hugely relaxing and spiritual yoga session in India. No matter where she is, she always belongs to herself, the world around her and her super positive creations, thinking with her heart and feeling with her head. 


Flessa Team

The Symphony of the Power Women

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play.”


Claudia has been a great presence in the fashion business for years now. A one hundred percent performance is her key to success – not only at work. The mother of three children switches sides every season without a problem: during fairs, she is a competent selling professional, after the fairs Claudia takes care of her family with all her love. Chapeau!


Selling and appointments

Karin, the career changer, conquered the FLESSA heart quickly and without any problems. Her empathy and enthusiastic commitment, her ability to work in a team as well as her pleasure in dealing with a lively fashion culture makes Karin a great enrichment for the whole team. She supports us during the sales campaigns and partly also in the office.


PR and Communication

The passionate pr and communication professional travels between Milan and Munich. Writing and juggling with words and terms is her favourite thing to do – whilst working, as well as in her private life. The most important things are reading, writing, checking and correcting, until the last, decisive adjective is given its place in the text and consequently its right to exist.



As Online Marketing Manager Derya is responsible for our internet presence. With a lot of patience and creativity she puts our constantly changing ideas into action and inspires us again and again with an original website.

Grase Online Marketing

Back Office, Claims and Credit Control

The thought of the back office support without this determined woman, with her charming Bavarian accent, is unbearable. She is an outstanding member of staff in administrative tasks and is the uncrowned soul of the office. Rather than hectic fashion trouble, she prefers the basic analysis of orders. Her workload consists not only of the fashion flow, but mainly the cash flow.


Sales Assistance

Larissa, our Bachelor’s graduate in Fashion & Design, brings new ideas and fresh wind into our team. An excellent feeling for fashion meets curiosity and passion, which she proves again and again with her support during the fairs.



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