LALO You are awesome!

This season I decided to attend the Lalo fashion show in Tiflis. Manuela Zimmer who does our PR accompanied me. “… where are you going? To Georgia? In America? Where is Tiflis?” Hardly anybody knows Georgia, let alone where it is… and certainly not that this country has super fashion forward designers. Here in Tbilisi the word “fashion” got a new meaning for me. The handmade colorful and very special styles are surely not for everybody but they are different and new. It’s time for a change again … weren’t we dressed completely crazy in the 80s and nobody cared or thought of it being too colorful, too striking or too much? What happened to all of you? I’m sick of hearing the sentence “How, where or when shall I wear it?” Go for it again – wear what you want like you used to! Anyway we do love Lalo, her team and her collection which is so creative and full of new ideas. … who is looking for something different…. here you go! 4th May 2019 – 7 pm: LALO SHOW Location: Georgian Museum of Fine Arts… “Wow the show takes place in a museum” … that’s what we thought… but no – after running backwards and forwards for some time, we found somebody telling us that we have to go to the museum’s car park! That’s so cool! And then finally after a delay of half an hour the show starts. We are completely taken aback by these colorful and wildly mixed outfits the models are wearing in tight high stocking boots – sensational! Lalo – you are a genius! We love it! … and not only the collection. We are totally fascinated by this amazing city, the beautiful old town with the friendliest people we have ever met… the incredible hotels, restaurants, bars, houses, food and last but not least the huge choice of the famous Georgian wines…. everything is just awesome … unbelievable the mixture of Paris, Lisbon, Vienna, Copenhagen and the charms of the Swiss alps, so modern and cosmopolitan but unspoiled at the same time. I’m lost for words and that seldom happens to me! Completely in love with Tbilisi … we love Georgia. We will come back soon! Claudia Flessa