Our Fragrance Guide: Fashion And Scent – A Common Path

Designer Fragrances and Design Collections with great potential
Individual aroma compositions and attractive design complement each other in a harmonious solution: over the years we have discovered our particular niche perfumes and have made them our favourites – Our scouting involves the detection of extraordinary collections and their attentive development, season by season. Represent what you want to be and reinforce your personality with a decisive individual character.

“The same way a dress is designed to emphasise beauty, a signature fragrance creates subtle seduction.”

Oriental Perfumes promise spellbinding success. Never mind an exaggerated use of perfume or colour , it will certainly put a spell on somebody. What an aphrodisiac effect of power! Our newcomer LALO, created by Georgian designer Lalo, electrified us at first sight. She is already a shooting star in her home country – her colourful, extravagant creations are avant-garde, yet wearable. She focuses on special hand knitting and manufacturing techniques for coats and jackets, preferably in combination with seducing transparent dresses, in bright colours, often decorated with batik and degradé sequins.
“An exotic story of passion”

MANIERA NERA ATELIER – Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi
Teint de Neige, “coloured with snow”, referred to the clear “colouring” of the sweater. The unmistakable aroma of perfumed powders, the scent of talcum powder. Gentle, enveloping and at the same time intense and persistent. MANIERA NERA – a well matched fusion of trendy degradé varying nuances and gradients of colour. Furthermore the smart Art of Painting used for the creation of sweaters and T-shirts leaves a lasting impression. The ideal prerequisite for long lasting fashion business at its best.
„Easy-going enthusiasm“

360CASHMERE – Simply Divine by Diana Vreeland
A tribute to the extraordinary beauty of tuberose, the fragrance icon of the perfume production. 360Cashmere – a tribute to the unique variety of colours and shapes of cashmere, the noble yarn icon of Fashion.
“Simply divine“

DROMe – Love by Kilian
Perfume and Leather Essential Eccentricity. The Art-Perfume Sommelier and the Leather cult label reflect the cultural aspirations of a passionate artist’s work. Unusual aroma compositions define sensual fragrance vibes – brilliant design made of leather, fur and exquisite fabrics means undoubtedly high-end fashion style.
“Seductive spontaneous sensuality”

CHARLOTTE SPARRE – Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri
Like the Turkish snack, Loukhoum attracts with an irresistible scent of vanilla, a rare floral base notes and accents of spice. A unique fragrance that spreads good mood, perfectly in tune with the infectiously hilarious, colourful style and the “eye-catching“ prints of CHARLOTTE SPARRE.
“A delicious appetizer”

Guerlain was inspired by the Taj Mahal – Shalimar stands for the magnificent indian gardens. A world-famous fragrance that loves the big show and is the ultimate expression of glamorous opulence. Ama Pure also likes to play a starring role with Primadonna-Allure: the finest deluxe scarves which radiate natural elegance. AMA PURE presents sovereignty and sense of style, a creative handling of texture enhanced by an exquisite gourmet taste.
“Luxurious glam-ostentation“

THE SHAWL SARA MARTIGNONI – Original Musk by Kiehl’s
The popular musk scent, refined with Patchouli, offers a pure sensual experience. As one of the most frequently used accents, Patchouli grants a pleasant wrapping of the senses. Sara MARTIGNONI‘s scarf collection fascinates with untreated natural fibres in an incredible mix of silk and cotton. The soft-smooth touch catches and dissipates an all-encompassing sensation of home. Uncompromising creativity reveals amazing solid colour items with flair, fancy prints such as camouflage or animalier and contrasts with lurex elements. Scarves come to life!
„Pure passion“

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